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About the Research Program
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Research: About the Research Program

Dr. Leema Berland’s research team is studying argumentation, examining whether and how students in Engineer Your World use mathematics and science ideas to communicate and make decisions about their design ideas.

Dr. Taylor Martin’s research team is studying the impacts of Challenge-Based Instruction (CBI) to answer the following questions:

  • Does CBI in the Engineering Summer Institute for Teachers, informed by How People Learn and Understanding by Design principles, develop teacher participants’ Adaptive Expertise (AE) in uderstanding of both engineering content and engineering design?
  • Do CBI learning experiences transfer to consequential outcomes in a work environment? Specifically, does learning engineering in a CBI course affect how teachers teach engineering and their students' performance?
  • Does the use of more CBI practices in the high school engineering classroom lead to better development of AE than other forms of engineering instruction?

Dr. Tony Petrosino’s research team is looking at participant attitudes, prioritization of design activities, and expert blind spot to answer the following questions:

  • Does participation in the UTeachEngineering program positively affect participants’ opinions and attitudes towards the importance of scientific research in the classroom, attitudes toward the use of reform-orientated modules, willingness to seek help, confidence in content knowledge and attitudes toward the importance of interdisciplinary science?
  • How does prioritization of design activities change developmentally? Does inservice teachers’ prioritization of design activities more closely resemble how expert engineers prioritize design activities after the teachers participate in the UTeachEngineering program?
  • Does participation in the UTeachEngineering program result in an increased understanding of the expert blind spot?

Dr. Catherine Riegle-Crumb’s research team is examining the attitudes, experiences, and educational outcomes of students enrolled in high school engineering courses with a primary focus on equity with regard to students’ gender, racial/ethnicity, and social class background.

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